“I’ve worked with Jessee for over a decade. He’s my production designer because inside of one phone call he’s already designing, sketching, rendering – and by the time you hang up hes empowered you rethink the possibilities because he’s already begun to fabricate your vision – only cooler, with more detail than you imagined, and functional. With Jessee you get high production value because he is a sculptor: he pays extreme attention to detail, form and color. He’s also innovative as hell and has no ego. It’s uncanny. Jessee Clarkson will give you access to new worlds. You are lucky if you can get him.”
Dan Bush – Director, Psychopia Pictures

“I have had the opportunity to work with Jessee on two projects. Both times myself and my crew had a positive experience with him, he is timely, efficient, excellent at his job, has a good attitude and is all about the work. Finding reliable talent has always been akin to roulette but Jessee has a great work ethic, his projects are always on time and he is always present when you need him. The sets he oversaw were flawless and looked fantastic on camera. He has a great eye for detail and makes sure whatever he is working on passes his stringent standards.”
Allyson Schwarz – Director

“Jessee has boundless energy, creativity, and imagination in conceptualizing designs then bringing those concepts to life; And when he does realize visuals, he’s crazy inventive in his methods. He’s the Macgyver of production design.”
Jacob Gentry – Director, POP Films

“The level of craftsmanship and ingenuity that Jessee has brought to our work has not only resulted in outstanding production value, but also been the catalyst for great inspiration. Oftentimes, production is reduced to the fundamentals of problem-solving due to shortages of time, money and patience, but Jessee’s resourcefulness and never-say- die enthusiasm consistently allows us to remain in the sweet spot of the creative fires.”
Kevin Kerslake – Director, “Tim Timebomb’s Rock n’ Roll Theatre”